Just Around the Corner

A new beginning.  A fresh start.  LifePoint Community Church is going to have it’s first preview service in one week!!   We have been on the launch team for LifePoint since January and it’s been quite an experience to say the least.  We’ve gotten to see God move in big ways.  I think all of us involved can say we’ve seen so many things happen that can only have come from God.  Today we had our rehearsal for the preview service.  I was so encouraged!!  We all walked through the building together and talked about the ministries and staff needed at each post.  The best part was praying at each spot and asking for God to work, guide, move and use all of us.  We prayed for those driving into our parking lot to feel loved and to come to know Christ.  No time is ever spent better than time spent praying. I truly believe with no prayer…results will not be there. 

After lunch today many of the launch team members hiked around town and passed out fliers.  I know Shan was tired..as was Noah.  Pray that those who receive these fliers will not just throw it in the trash.  I pray they read the flier and that God will work in their hearts until they know they have to come!   This is not your mama’s church…that is for sure!  Many ask about style and what to expect.  I told one lady…”it’s a jeans and t-shirt kind of church.”  That is true.  It’s a place where you’ll hear music that is solid and life changing yet, a style that those coming into the church for the first time will enjoy.  It’s a home…a place to be loved. 

Pray for all of us this week as we finish up so many things.  Pray some of the needs are met including chairs…and even that everything with the sound will work out.  Pray for our Pastor, Kevin as he prepares and decides which sermon to use.  Pray for health for all of us on the team.  Pray for souls be saved…for Heaven to be more crowded in the future because of this coming Sunday at LifePoint.


2 thoughts on “Just Around the Corner

  1. Yes, it is exciting that our 1st preview is less than a week away!

    This week especially, we need to seek God’s face and go to him in prayer about what He would have us do to impact our community!

    It’s God’s Vision…we are just the vessel He is using to carry it out!

    Keep writing hon!


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