My Men..

I have three men in my life each day.  I love them each for different reasons.  I thought I’d write something about them and post a sweet picture.

Man #1-  My main man, Shan.  If you don’t know Shan you are missing out.  He is not like any guy I had ever met.  I’m sure that’s why I had to get to know him better when I first saw him.  Not everyone understands him or gives him the props he deserves.  He is smarter than most people I know.  He seriously has a TON of life experience and knows information about so many topics.  He is a master brain stormer and has wonderful ideas.  He sees problems and fixes them.  He has a huge heart.  He loves me…loves the boys.  He enjoys rolling on the floor with them and letting them tackle him.  He is a great dad.  He loves God.  He has a passion and desire to show others Christ through music and evangelism.  He is a worship leader.   I have watched him grow tremendously in this area over the past 9 years.  He used to be timid, nervous, sick and shaking when he’d sing with me.  I stood in awe of him lately as he has led.  God is going to use him in ways bigger than he knows as he leads worship.  Sunday as he talked and sang I was amazed.  His passion shined through.

My Man Noah-  Noah is full of passion.  No matter what he is doing it’s full force, all out!  He loves animals, playing soccer, hiking, taking walks, riding his bike..did I mention animals?  He is one of a kind for sure.  He is so intelligent.  He is so much like Shan in personality.  He is a thinker like Shan as well.  He loves to figure things out and solve problems for people.  He loves to play war, star wars, karate…or anything having to do with defending others.  He hates to see someone being teased or hurt.  He loves spending time with his daddy at night and on Saturdays.  He thrives when he is given quality time.  He loves his little brother as well.  He protects, teaches and hugs him all day.  He’s a great big brother.

My Little Man, Titus- Titus is my sunshine.  He is a master face-maker.  He is full to the brim with personality!  He loves to move things from one spot to another.  He likes to run all over the house.  He is tempermental. One minute he’s happy and the next he’s upset about something. He does NOT enjoy riding in the car and when he’s hungry…watch out!!  He enjoys being outside.  He never misses pointing out a ball or hoop if he sees one.  He is our clown, silly boy.  I cannot wait to see how his personality turns out.  He is a joy to be around. 


2 thoughts on “My Men..

  1. I love your boys too! Not L-U-V, but, you know! Shan has grown tremendously since I have met you guys and he’s doing a fantastic job with the music… NOT an easy job! Noah, well he’s full of spunk and T, LOVE HIS FACES! You are truly blessed!

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