Weekend Plans

We are hoping to have a fun filled weekend!  Noah has spent a great week at VBS and is begging for us to go tonight for the final night and program.  I’m sure we may go since he’s had so much fun.  We used to attend this church years ago.  We were the youth leaders and very involved.  I was pregnant with Titus when we left so I know many would love to see him and waht he looks like. 

Tomorrow we are heading to Columbus to go to PF Chang’s.  Their Mongolian Beef is off the hook!!!  I’m sure we’ll be shopping for my dad’s birthday present and then head to his place.  We’ll be hanging out, the boys can swim, eating dinner.  It will be awesome to see my younger brother, Nate and my sis, Lindsay.  They’ve been gone this summer at Skyview Ranch in Ohio as camp counselors.  I know God is using them there so I can’t wait to hear all the stories!! 

Sunday is our evaluation Sunday.  We are all meeting at our Pastor’s house on 11am to have a meeting.  We are going to talk over how our first preview service went and what comments were given.  I’m sure this will be a time of growth for our team.  As usual…food will be involved after the meeting.  It will be fun to have a hang out day with the launch team when we are not cleaning, painting or practicing.

I hope you have a sweet weekend!  What are your plans?


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