Come Back Event

We had an awesome Sunday with our LifePoint family.  We had an event called a comeback event for all those who visited LP’s first preview service.  We didn’t know what to expect…I was a little worried at 12:20 when it was just the launch team.  The visitors starting pouring in from the park and it was awesome.  Almost all of the visitors we had at our 1st launch were there…Plus more!  We even had first time guests who didn’t make the service but, wanted to check it out anyways.  Everyone I talked to said they were coming back on Sunday for our next preview!  Whoohoo!  We had two huge LifePoint signs up on the shelter house and some leading to the picnic from the paths in the park…so easy to find us!  We even had people come up to us from the park because they saw the big signs!  Stacey and I planned kids game which were a big hit!  There was a TON of food for anyone who came by.  The guys had fun throwing fribees and playing cornhole.  Here are a few pictures from the day! 


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