Zoo Day and Neighbor Update

The boys and I headed to the Toledo Zoo yesterday with the Bingham’s..minus Jerry.  It was a much needed day away for all three of us!  I’ll post a couple pics of the kids and of us crazy moms!!  🙂  Titus hasn’t been to a zoo since he was a baby and he LOVED it!!  He kept growling, pointing and was so excited!  I can’t wait to go back soon with Shan so he can see how much he loved it! 

 Shan met with our neighbor man yesterday.  It went like we thought it would.  Their marriage is suffering badly…nearing an end.  He was stunned by the details Shan gave him.  The story he was getting was very different than what was going on.  Shan told him we had never reported his wife or son when we called the police for our flowers being vandalized.  He is going to go the police station and get proof of our story so that he can show her.  He told Shan he will do his best to try and get her to stop but, he can’t control how she acts.  He gave Shan his cell, work and pager number.  He said when she starts doing anything to call and he will call her and try and take care of it.  He did say that if she continues and won’t stop even with his efforts that we should by all means call the cops.  He said maybe a few days in jail will do her some good! WOW.  We weren’t expecting that one.  Keep praying for all of this.  Maybe this is an open door for Shan to talk with our neighbor more about Jesus. 🙂  Thankfully the neighbor lady left last night through Saturday or Sunday for her families house in a different state!  Noah and I can now be outside in peace for a few days. 

Thanks for your prayers!!

Also, many of our launch team are in the Dominican Republic on a missions trip.  Update so far is that around 30 people have accepted Christ so far!  Go God!!!


2 thoughts on “Zoo Day and Neighbor Update

  1. The church is about a half hour from our house. Our pastor and his family as well as four other families were the orginal group to start LifePoint. We’ve added many more since that time in January! We are using the launching methods from The Springs church in Ocala, Fl. It’s a Rick Warren thing as well. We are SBC as well. Our next preview is the first Sunday in Sept…then we launch Oct. 5th! Our team is in the DR on a missions trip right now. Our Pastor and family were missionaries there with Score for two years before moving back to the US for ministry.

    LOVE YOUR BLOG! So fun!

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