I’m sitting here…I have alot to do really…but I am sitting here enjoying something rare…..QUIET.  Has the quiet ever been so loud that it’s strange?  I’m not used to silence at my house.  I have a son who loves to talk…constantly.  He is away at my granny’s house.  I have a husband who comes home and usually fills me in on his day…more talking.  I have a little guy who talks, jabbers and growls part of the day.  Oh..the dog..she drives me nuts barking.  All is still for now.  I am loving this.

Every need some quiet time??  It is a blessing to me today.  I’ve had many blessings that God has shown me today.  I reunited with a long…long lost dear friend on Facebook.  I got to bed before 11pm last night and Titus woke up at 9!  I never get that much sleep.  I had alone time with my little guy..which is rare.  He is so full of joy!  I am redeemed!!  What a blessing to be alive today!

Need some quiet time?  Find some!!!  Do it!


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