School Has Begun…in the “hood”

Shan and I homeschool our boys.  From the time Noah was born we knew God was convicting us to homeschool.  I love when school starts in town.  It means quiet in our neighborhood!  Noah can go out and play in the morning before we start his work.  We are on a break right now for another week and a half.  We worked through the summer so he is getting a month long break right now.  I love homeschooling all year around.  When kids return to school…quite a bit of time is spent on review for the two months or so.  They have to relearn or refresh a lot of information.  We also teach year round because we want the boys to know that life is a process of learning.  It doesn’t stop for a few months…it keeps moving and you keep growing!  We do however take three months off but, it’s throughout the year.  One break is from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, one in the spring and one more month in August. 

My eyes have been opening this summer as I see the kids in our area.  I see them leave home early in the morning and not go home til 9 pm.  They want to be anywhere but home.  They beg to come in and eat snacks, hang out and watch tv.  We had to finally set rules and tell them no.  They are starving for attention.  They will do anything for some love.  It makes me so sad.  I know with the situation we have been in with our one neighbor lady screaming profanity at us and being so hateful…it makes me sick when the kids are at her house.  I see her giving them things, buying them toys, feeding them all so they’ll play with her son.  She’ll do anything for them NOT to come to our house.  They are being taught to hate, to cuss, to be unkind.  I am sad.  I am hoping that the start of school will help with this problem.  Maybe they won’t be under her influence near as much. 

What is your influence in your neighborhood?  We used to stay to ourselves.  We have really tried to change that this past year.  We’ve let Noah play under our supervision with some of the other kids in our “hood”.  Many, many of the off color things he has learned have been from them. We have set a high priority in being apart of these relationships so we can stop the filth the kids are sharing. I am shocked at what the kids know at 8 years old.  They talk about sex, having boyfriends, smoking, drinking and on the list goes.  I am sad that the kids parents don’t guard their kids hearts and minds from sin.  I know….I know….almost all of our neighbor’s have nothing to do with God and church.  We are trying to be a light.  Satan is working overtime to block that light.  We are praying hard that God will use us to minister to these kids and their families. 

What ways do you reach out to your neighbor’s and the kids who live around you?


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