Big Day for Titus!

Tomorrow is a big day at our house.  My baby will be 2!!!  I can’t believe it!  It seems like just yesterday that I was on bed rest and praying he would stay in my belly long enough to be healthy.  I can remember a few things about his birth.  I had a c-section because of my health issues and because I couldn’t have a baby larger than noah was(5pounds 10 ounces) the natural way.  The first thing I remember is that he reached his hand up and held the doctors hand as she was getting ready to pull him out.  When she pulled him out of my belly he decided to pee all over the place right on the doctor!!  We used to call him “Squirt” because of it!  The third thing I remember is seeing him.  Oh..that is the most amazing moment.  I said, “He looks just like Noah!”  He did.  He looked a lot like his brother accept he had a little red birthmark on his head.  I only see it now when he’s crying. 


God truly blessed us with Titus Daniel.  Noah was just shy of turning six when we had Titus.  I had been to the doctor many times to see why I wasn’t having another baby.  They told me a few months before I became pregnant that I would never have any more kids.  I wasn’t ovulating….my hormones were off….and the list goes on.  I was so shocked when I found out I was pregnant.  Shan didn’t believe it either!  Those six years of waiting were all worth it!  The 7 weeks on full bed rest were all worth it!  Titus adds a whole new dimension to our family.  He is so funny, caring, dramatic and smart.  He is an expert face-maker and keeps us rolling in laughter!  I am so thankful for this little guy.  I truly can’t believe my Big T is two tomorrow.  Thank you God for this sweet little boy.  Thank you for giving him to us…for letting us have the honor of caring for him.


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