Nasty Church Trend

“Jesus did not die on a cross so that we could establish really awesome Bible study groups…He died because He knew that He was the ONLY WAY for us to be made right with God!”  Perry Noble

So many churches are so focused on themselves…on fellowship.  It’s not a bad thing to have IS needed but when it’s the main focus it’s wrong…even SIN.  If you would ask most churches what their main goal is they would most likely say to reach the lost.  What are they actively doing though to reach them?  Come to this..come to that.  There is usually very few events where anyone from the church goes too the people to reach them! 

Any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Nasty Church Trend

  1. Amen!

    Too many churches stay within their own walls and peep out. “Look at all the lost out there. Someone needs to tell them about Jesus. Let’s have a bake sale!”

    I’ve seen it on mission trips to Central America as well. a big church group of “missionaries” will come in, build a classroom or renovate a school or put in a well – all needed things to be sure – an never once knock on a door or preach the gospel. Um, guys? You’re missing something here…

    This is great challenge for all of us! Thanks, Jennifer.

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