“Man Time”

Two of my men…Noah and Shan are hitting the road tomorrow night and heading into the deep wilderness.(a state park)  Noah hasn’t been this excited about something in months!  My mom aka Nana got him a Junior tent the other day.  Ever since this tent arrived at our house it has been used as a sleeping spot.  When Noah mentioned that he thought a camping trip would be fun Shan agreed to take him!  I laughed as Shan got in the tent and had to lay diagonally…with his knees curled to get in. (Junior tent)  I can’t wait to see how this goes!  Shan asked Noah to write out a list of his expectations for this trip.   He messaged me that he knows Noah is expecting a trip to some thick wooded area…on a mountain….with wild animals….with many moments to use his pocket knife. (I’m laughing)  YES…that is what he wanted!  So, today I had Noah scale it back a bit and write his list.  Here is what he emailed his dad.

Noah’s camping trip!

Day 1:
-Go fishing
-Find rocks to build a fire pit
-Set up the tent
-make fire
-make supper
-stay up late
-tell scary stories…but, not too scary.
-turn on lantern and go look around.
-walk back to the tent
-hang up lantern and talk
Day 2:
-make fire
-make bacon, eggs and pancakes
-hike to a pond
-let the fish go
-hike back but get a souvenir first
-put fire out
-pack up tent
-say goodbye to the campsite
-head home
Love- Noah

I love this list! I love that he said “talk” which he loves to do with his daddy.  I love that he wants to tell scary stories…but not too scary!  I love that he wants his daddy to pray with him! I’m sure Shan will take some pictures while they are out in the wild,  doing all they can to fight for survival!  I was also informed that I’ll be going too…with the baby after we get a bigger tent this next month.  I can’t wait to sleep on the ground with a two year old, snoring husband and an 8 year old that kicks~  Start praying for me know!  JESUS COME QUICKLY!


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