I Still Love You…

Sorry that I haven’t updated this blog in two weeks!  Man!  Our Internet was down for a week and then I just plum forgot to get on here. 

  • Our launch went awesome!!  We had 121 people attend!
  • This past Sunday we had three come to Christ.
  • Tomorrow we have a tailgate party at the University of Findlay…touching lives!
  • Noah turned 8 Wednesday….wah!  He is now decked OUT with camping gear!
  • I L-o-v-e autumn here in Ohio!  It is beyond beautiful right now!

That is a quick update for you!  This Sunday will be unforgettable I am sure!  Pastor Kevin is doing a series called “The Game of Life” and this Sunday he’s talking about money, money, money.  I know money is a huge issue for most families!  We have a great worship set to go along with his theme.

Opener: Money, Money, Money- cut way down from the LONG original

Set: Today is the Day(Brewster), Enough(Camp), American Dream (Casting Crowns) and Empty Me (Chris Sleigh).

If you’ve not heard Empty Me….listen to it sometime today!  It’s a great, great song that our churches need to be singing!  🙂

Have a great weekend!


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