Gluttony Defined

I’ve mentioned the book I’ve been reading, “Love to Eat, Hate to Eat” by Elyse Fitzpatrick. I will be sharing multiple things I’ve learned from the book in the weeks to come.  This book comes with a study guide in the back of the book, scriptures to memorize and other helpful, printable resources. 

“Biblically the word glutton means a person who is debased and excessive in his eating habits.  Gluttony is more than overeating.  In it’s association with drunkenness , it describes a life given to excess….The sin lies in the fact that one’s life is not self-disciplined—he lives a life of excess.  He is living solely for himself.  Allowing ourselves to have whatever we want, in whatever quantity we want, whenever we want it will lead to excess and the slavery of gluttony.”

This is one of the quotes that touched the deepest parts of my heart.  I do not want to be a slave to food.  I only want to be a slave to Christ! 

How does this quote effect your heart?


5 thoughts on “Gluttony Defined

  1. The root is ” debased” – to make lwer in value or character -to cheapen – to debase oneself by lying…to debase money by raising the price of gold. = Who has done that since day one = satan….the root of the problem of over eating…? satan…what can only defeat satan…by saying we ” don’t want to be fat ?” no, the blood of JESUS. Satan is trying so hard to get us to think so LOW of ourselves…discourage us…so that we never LIVE FREELY in who we are …so that others see JESUS and all that HE is in us… Gold – satan rises the price of “FOOD” so that we desire it more than glorifying GOD….food has a stronger pull than the Holy Spirit ( LIE )….debase…debase…debase…is of satan..that is the root. Child of the that what we are thinking when we over eat… ( didn’t think so )… that moment….what would a child of the KING…think of herself ?

    • Thanks Janelle! You are so right! It’s hard to for me to look in the mirror and see a child of the KING! I see a mess most of the time. You always lift me up and encourage my heart. I have to work on more than the eating and giving it to God. I have to work on how I see myself.

  2. Jen, I just wanted to say it is awesome for someone like me, who knew you a few years back, and now to check in on your blog and see what a difference… how much God has done, is doing, in you, and your faithfulness to allow that. Our struggles are not the same, but yet they are. Mine has to do with self-discipline in other areas of life, and I have recently become much more aware of how the enemy tries to drag me down. I have correspondingly, praise Jesus, become more aware of the fact that I am HIS and the power we have in Him to resist the enemy. Today my prayer has been that the parts of my body (Romans 5:13) would be alive for His purposes only – dead to sin – but useful through His power and for His glory. Specifically for me that would be my voice, my words, my hands, and my mind. I just wanted to share that because as I say – we are working on different things, but as you consider the words of that verse… they are the same things!

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