temptationfood1What tempts you?  You don’t have to confess or tell me all about it.  I know each person who has breath in their lungs is tempted by something.  For some it’s alcohol, for other pornography, lying, cheating, gossip, drugs, caffeine(yes even coffee)…there are so many more.  I’m sure you know what your struggle is right when you read this!  For me, the temptation is food.  God lets us know what to do when we feel tempted!

Here’s what “Love to Eat, Hate to Eat” says,

“Jesus counseled His followers to “keep watching and praying, that you may not enter into temptation;  the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Matthew 26:41) Watching involves being aware or spiritually alert to those areas of temptation that are most dangerous for you personally.  You must learn to pray that God would teach you what the areas of your strongest desires are.”

There are days when I have struggled beyond belief.  I have come to greatly dislike commercials on tv!  I am annoyed with the hundreds of food commercials that make me hungry for the foods that tempt me most.  They make their commercials in a way just so you want to hop in the car and get to a drive thru or pick-up window.  It makes me lust after that food, be discontent with what I have to eat and to desire something more than I should..more than Christ at that moment.  I do not want anything to be placed ahead of Christ in those deep desires in my heart. 

Pray, watch, read the word of God.  It is not impossible to overcome your sin or to fight the temptation that you struggle with.  Ask God for help!  Pray to Him to protect you…to guard your heart.  Read the Bible and seek out what God has to say.  I urge you to even find accountability.  It is not easy to talk to someone else about deep, personal struggles but, pray for God to lead you to someone who can help you and ask you the tough questions.

“God’s Word brings light to us and gives us understanding even of the dark corners of our heart.”

How do you fight temptation? 


4 thoughts on “Temptation…

  1. i so appreciate your candor and honesty.

    my biggest weapon against temptation is accountability. if someone knows and will know if i “cave”, that helps me stay in line like nothing else. accountability creates motivation to change.

  2. Sometimes it helps to have a specific verse written out on a card that I can pull out or memorize. It can be helpful to pray the verse. Also, removing myself from the temptation, if possible. I.E. not standing next to the desert table at a party, or not buying junk food.

    • Holly- verses on cards is awesome!! I think I’m going to put a few on my fridge!!! Great idea!
      Alece- accountability is so important! It’s hard sometimes to find someone who loves you enough and that you can trust to be that person. I’m not so trusting…hard for me. It’s very important though….it’s hard to be honest with someone even when it may hurt their feelings.

  3. trust is so hard for me, too. so that’s why i know when i can get to that point of asking for accountability with someone, that i’ve taken a HUGE step toward accomplishing what i want to do.

    i hope there’s someone in your life you can trust in this…

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