The Challenge!

scaleYesterday the challenge was given!  Last week our church started a two week series called “God and Your Bod”.  Pastor Kevin talked about gluttony and how most churches never talk about it!  Many churches today focus on other things like divorce, excessive drinking and homosexuality but, those same pastor’s can’t even see their own toes!  PK was honest in talking about his own life long struggle with gluttony.  He also put out a 30 day challenge to our church.  Yesterday a special speaker came from a local gym near our church.  He spoke about fitness and health.  We then were challenged to weigh in after the service.  Almost 100% of the folks their participated!  In 30 days we will all weigh in again.  Whatever amount of weight we have lost as a church..that same amount will be given to a local ministry called Mission Possible.  It will be awesome to help out this ministry and to reach some wonderful children in the Dominican Republic!  I honestly think that if our church will deal with the heart issues behind the gluttony that huge changes will occur.  I know that God will use LifePoint like never before in Findlay!  He wants us to be sold out, broken and fully devoted.  If we are serving two masters, food and Him, we are NOT serving Him faithfully!

The special speaker, Dave, also gave everyone in the service a free 30 day pass to his gym, Flag City Fitness!  That was a great way to kick off the challenge! 

Does your church talk about gluttony or is it an ignored sin?  Just wondering?


5 thoughts on “The Challenge!

  1. that’s incredible. i’ve never heard of a church discussing the topic, never mind pioneering such an incredible communal challenge.

    did it feel like validation that you started your own personal challenge at exactly the right time?

    are you gonna make use of that gym membership? grab a partner and go for it!

    • Alece- I think it’s great too!! I’m glad I had a head start and that God had been working in my heart and life about this topic before it was discussed at church. It is perfect timing to keep up the momentum!
      We live a half hour from the gym…I doubt we make it in much but, we got a family membership in a town close to us that has childcare….so just as good! 🙂

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