My History

blocksgrace3I was reading a few quotes today and this one grabbed my heart and made me smile.

“The thought that God arranged your history to happen exactly the way it has so that He could turn your mourning into dancing by His grace should fill your with hope and joy.” Elyse Fitzpatrick

I am in awe that God designed my life…from my conception to my final breath.  He has it planned especially to make me become like Jesus.  Every joy, pain, trial, victory, tragedy, miracle and step that I take is planned. 

“God knows our shortcomings and yet He calls us to commitment and holiness.   He can do this because He is the One who will supply both the desire and the strength to obey Him.” Elyse Fitzpatrick

WOW!  This relates to my heart on many levels.  It speaks volumes to me in this time of transformation that I am undergoing. 

I pray this comforts you today and helps you to press on.


4 thoughts on “My History

  1. You really hit me by your post today. I have never been on here before, but decided to take a look. I think it was all God. There are times when I struggle with my history and I needed to hear that. Thank you! 🙂

    • Jolene,
      I’m so glad you stopped in today. I am so thankful that God spoke to your heart and used me in any tiny way.

  2. There are so many things we could ask, “Why?” about… but to know that all that we’ve faced, been through or experienced is part of His perfect plan for us and that He has always been and will always be in control and is working in the midst. Love that quote!

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