noahjamesThis has been a crazy week in Ohio.  Tons of snow, freezing temperatures, lots of time snuggling in the house.  Last night we finally got out of the house for the first time all week!  We dropped Titus off at my granny’s house with his two of his grandma’s and we headed out for a “Noah Night”.  Noah LOVES one on one time with us.  We let him pick where to eat and then what he wanted to do.  He picked bowling….we weren’t shocked.  🙂  We had a fun three hours with him…letting him talk our ears off!!! 

I think of Noah and his huge need for our personal time with him.  Time for him to talk, hug, kiss, snuggle and talk some more.(you have to know him…he loves talking)  I then think of God.  I think of how I need that time with Him to talk, snuggle in His word, be comforted in His arms and talk some more.   He loves that time with me even more than I love being with Him.  I’m sure many days He wishes I’d stop and have that precious alone time with Him. 

Today I am craving that time.  I need nothing but Him.  I want to soak in His word and let it refresh my heart, mind, body and soul.

What is it that you crave?  Do you long for time, rest, forgiveness, love? 

What do you  need most today?


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