I’m Alive!

holding-hands2I’m still here and kicking!  I did NOT give up and I’ve done just fine the past few days since I had my day of crappy eating.  It’s been a struggle to say the least.  I am at a stand still of sorts, which has been a bit discouraging!  I like to see the scale move…I know, many say to throw it away and ignore but I can’t!  I get a bit down because I can’t tell I’ve lost much at this point.  I’m thankful for friends who encourage me and tell me they can tell a difference!  This whole process is only making me stronger!

I am headed off to the doctor today to have a check up on some medication I’m on.  He’s been encouraging as well when it comes to losing weight.  Shan is driving me there so that he can hang with the boys.  I do NOT enjoy taking them in with me to the doctor. I’m sure if you have kids you know why!  When Noah was 6 years old I remember him turning to our doctor and he said, ” So, what are your thoughts on Medicare?”  I’ll never forget our doctor’s face.  I think Noah threw him for a loop.  We laughed about that for a long time! 

So, here I am….pressing on.  Though we fall down at times we must get back up.  I think of one of my all time favorite songs by Natalie Grant…”I will stumble, I will fall down but, I will not be moved.”

Thanks for all the comments, messages, emails.  I love all of you who take time out to care about me and to encourage me on this journey.

When you stumble…what helps you get back up?


2 thoughts on “I’m Alive!

  1. Forgot to answer your last question, which kind of goes along with post as well… What do you do when you stumble? (or something like that).

    Whatever the case (sin), fight with the hubby and say some ugly things, impatience w/ the kids (and say some ugly things – um, see a pattern here), skipping devotions because I didn’t want to get out of bed, eating crappy after committing to to healthier… you name it. I just remember that His mercies are NEW every morning. He is always there waiting when I come to Him in repentance and eager to forgive. Sometimes that’s once a day, new every morning, sometimes I have to come back several times a day. But, I take hope in that thought.

    I’m not blowin smoke when I say I DO see a difference in you… and unfortunately in weight loss there’s periods of stalling… but press on my friend, because you are living healthier – TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

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