Jesus High

butterflyI’m as high as a kite today!  I’m high on Jesus. 🙂  There are many reasons but, the main one today is because of God’s power to transform the life of a friend.  Today, a friend of mine recieved Jesus into her heart after church.  I was honored to be there and to witness the whole thing.  I am overwhelmed that God placed someone in my life to reach out too…to love on.  He places someone in our path every day!  What is our part?  How do we often react?  Many days it’s easy to be so wrapped in “doing life” that you forget the main purpose that God has given us as Christians!  If you are a one of God’s precious kids then He calls on us to spread His message.  I have learned that it does NOT matter what someone looks like, what they wear, where they come in comparison….I just have to LOVE.  This person asked me why I am helping them…why I have reach out.  I told her…I am called to love others…God asks me too!  This answer was a bit confusing to her.  I pray she will understand soon.  Please pray for my friend.  She needs discipleship, help and has many needs that I cannot tell you about.  Please just pray for God to heal her heart and body.  I pray that He will make her into a stunning example of Himself.  I am amazed today.  God has shown me more the past two days than in a while!  He has shown me just how much He absolutly adores me…and you!

If you are reading this and don’t understand what I’m talking about.  If you are wondering about God and how to have a relationship with Him…please email me.   I’d love to help you understand, to pray for you and to show You who Jesus is!


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