excitedToday has been a great day!  First of all it is simply spectacular outside!  The beautiful, fresh layer of snow is amazing to look at!  I cannot imagine that each of those flakes is different!  So cool!

My second moment of “happy” was when I drug myself over to the scale this morning.  I got on and closed my eyes.  I then squinted one eye down at the scale (happy to see my feet also).  I quickly opened both eyes WIDE open and saw a glorious number!  I was even better than I expected!  I hit my 35 pounds loss and went past it!  SWEET!  I was so pumped…dancing…happy…shouting!  It’s been a long month of hard work with fewer results.  I am so thankful that I hit this goal and I’m now on my way to the next.

My next big goal is to be at that 50 pound mark.  I have mini goals at each 5 pounds lost to keep me going!  I am doing it!!!  I am not quitting or giving up when it is hard.  When I’ve struggled I ask God for help and self control.  If I can do it….anyone can.  Seriously.  No matter what you are struggling against….you can do it!  Seek God in it….ask Him for help and strength.  He will come through for you.  I’ve done this weight loss thing a few times and once I did really great.  The difference now is that in the past I was doing it on my own…in the flesh.  Now I have the best Trainer helping me…and it’s not Jillian or Bob!

Thank you Jesus for helping this fat girl get healthier for you!


10 thoughts on “PUMPED!

  1. Amelia- Thanks! Love your blog…I need to add it to my list on here. I do feel great!

    Kendra- Thanks for the shout out!

    Nate- So glad you stopped in…:) You may not recognize me when I see you next. J/K.

    PK- Thanks for the prayers! I need them!

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