clutterMy man and I decided to rearrange the house.  Ugh.  I have to say it’s NOT my favorite thing to do!  We have put the two boys in the same room, which has many stories of it’s own.  I love listening to Titus..”woah-a….you wake?”  That is how he says Noah.  I love listening to them.  We then moved in the room next to the boys.  We are making our old room a toy/exercise room.  We have needed to move all the toys into one space for a while now.  I am tired of toys residing in the living room, bedrooms, etc…now they won’t be in any other place!  I’m hoping that while they are playing that I can get some exercise in.  We shall see.  I have a feeling I’ll be on the bike with Titus on my lap.

With moving the rooms in our house around I do not enjoy the mess in between.  When you clean out a space you find so many things you thought you’d lost.  I have many things in place now but there are still a few piles to go through and decisions to be made. 

This reminds me of my life.  Many times I open a door…I peek in and close it FAST!  Why go in there?  Why deal with all the junk?  When I turn on the light and step in I can see what needs worked on.  This reminds me alot of those places in my heart that I ignore.  Jen, deal with them.  Open that door and pray.  Open that door …God already sees the mess!  He will forgive if I ask.  There always seems to be those stragglers….those things that hang around that we still have to deal with.  God can do it.  He can help me organize, prioritize and conquer those rooms one at a time. 

Amid the mess of changing rooms, God is changing my heart. 

 Less of you=more of Me

He’ll do the same for you if you ask.



4 thoughts on “Re-Arrange

  1. Hey girl, I read your blog and really enjoy it. I was just wondering how far apart your boys are in age. We have been wanting to put our two together in the same room, but not sure if it is time yet. Andrew is 4, and Owen is almost 21 months. Just wondering how it is working out. Thanks. Have a great day.

    • Lori- our boys are pretty far apart! Noah is 8 and Titus is 2 and a half. We put Titus to bed a half hour or so before Noah so he’s asleep before we let Noah go to bed. It’s working so far. If Titus wakes up in the night I just lay him back down and tell him if he cries I’ll have to move Noah to the couch. He lays right down! Love that! Glad you’ve been reading! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Thanks!! I think I am going to hold off a little longer. Owen doesn’t usually wake up in the night, but he sleeps until 8am. Andrew gets up at 6:30!! Yikes. I think I will wait for that reason alone. Thanks so much though. 🙂

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