Peace in the Storm

peace1I am feeling a tremendous peace in the midst of a huge storm.  God has placed things in my life right now that are stretching me much farther than what feels comfortable.  To say moments aren’t stressful would be  untrue.  To say I handle each moment the best way…would be false.  My spiritual gift of mercy is a killer sometimes!  It causes me to feel way more than I wish I could at times.  It makes me cry at the drop of a hat for others who I see are hurting.  I know it’s a gift and that it is a blessing from God.  I am thankful He gave me the compassion and heart for the things that He has.   

I have seen God move.  I have seen Him transform a life.  I am seeing Him work, move and speak to a heart.  I am watching baby steps that are reason to celebrate!  I am also seeing  a new side of people.  I am seeing how desperate this world is for HOPE!  There are so many who really don’t believe that anyone deserves a chance…not everyone deserves help.  There are many who turn their heads from someone different than them and wash their hands of ever helping them.  It makes me sick.  I am so thankful for my church and for others who love unconditionally!!  I thank God for transforming me…as ugly and sinful as I am.  I know if He can do a work in me that He can do a work in anyone.

I am pleading with you.  I don’t care what you’ve seen…who you know…or what degree you have….

EVERYONE is loved by God and should be shown LOVE! 

The world would be transformed for Christ if Christian all lived with this as their creed.


3 thoughts on “Peace in the Storm

  1. Oh holly…thats a whole different situation…and that stretches us as well!! She has been tame since it’s winter…she just does “cool” hand gestures/arm gestures at me each day. I can’t wait for spring…yeah right. God can work in her too…I’m not sure how we can get through to her but I pray God shows us something.

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