peace2To say I am LOVING the new Beth Moore study I am doing is an understatment!  I love “Breaking Free” and I highly recommend it to all of you!  I woke up early today in hot pursuit of knowing Jesus more!  It was dark outside, quiet in my house and a taste of Heaven to this mama!  I opened my Bible and this verse practically jumped off the page.

Psalm 119:133  “Guide my steps as you promised;  don’t let any sin control me.”

I am in love with this verse.  It speaks to me in so many ways and to the exact personal journey I’ve been walking with God.  It is so easy to glide day to day without asking God for His guidance with each step.  It is even easier to neglect sin issues and to let them build up and mulitply!  As Ardy Parlin always told us on the missionary team I  traveled on…”all sins have relatives!”  I believe that is very true…one always leads to another.  I know I’ve had a few posts about sin lately.  I know it’s not a popular topic by any means but, it is imperative to any Christian. 

I am re-modeling my quiet time.  I want to make it fresh.  It’s not good enough to just read the Bible…we have to apply it to our daily lives.  I know…we’ve all heard that a million times.  I want my time with God to be effective, powerful and life-changing!  I  have a time of Bible reading, prayer and journaling.  I try and read books as well that deal with specific topics that I want to work on personally.  I am trying mix it up to make it new! 

I’d like to hear from you!    I know many of my readers are mom’s and dad’s with little ones to care for most of the day.  For many that means  quality time without a huge amount of time to give. 

How do you make the time you have with God meaningful?  How do you keep your quiet time fresh?


9 thoughts on “Fresh!?

  1. I have some remodeling to do here as well.
    I do have daily devotions every morning . . . with the disney channel playing in the background though :o\
    I’m praying for you girl!
    Love Ya!
    See ya soon!

    • Passionate! That’s such a great way to describe what we need for God. It is hard to have that passion each day..especially when life gets in the way!

  2. I totally agree that it’s a good idea to keep it fresh. Sometimes I just read the Bible, sometimes I am in and doing a Bible Study, sometimes a simple Women of Faith Devotional, sometimes I am just still. I have found, however that when God wants me to “GET” something, it comes up in EVERYTHING I read, see, hear etc. He’s persistent like that :-). Most days my time set aside is in the morning (in my green chair, you know ;-)) and often I find that I need more and steal away for a few minutes to refuel… Times when my “quiet time” gets cut short (because I overslept, or we have to get the door), my Jesus comes with me and I fellowship with Him “on-the-go”, but I need, strive for and get fueled with that quality time – I’m desperate for Him and lost without Him.

    • That’s a good point too….on-the-go fellowship with Him.
      Praying without ceasing…a highschool student once defined this as having an “open-ended prayer” all day long!
      re-fueling is a great nap time activity.

  3. I know this has nothing to do with the question you posed, but it was cool to see that you’re going through “Breaking Free”. I just finished it a few weeks ago. It was so amazing! The section about looking back at childhood really opened my eyes to a lot of pain that I didn’t even realize I have been carrying. I’m still working through issues that have come up because of it. That study wasn’t always easy, but it was so worth it! Love ya sis!

    • Hey sis! I’m so glad you are on here! I miss you!! I’m glad you loved the bible study….I can’t wait to read more! I had to keep re-reading a few parts today…so deep to digest it all. One of the reasons I am reading is because of things in the past. I want God to show me what I need to work on! 🙂 Love you too!

  4. I’ve been going back through old Bible study workbooks, looking up the Scripture passages again, writing new notes in the margins, and rejoicing over prayers God answered from when I first did the study months earlier. Learning much and trying to apply it!

    • That is a great idea Marla! I love reading old journals. It shows how much you’ve grown. I know at times when I am down and feel like I’m growing at a snails pace it sure helps to read my old notes and to see what God has done! Great idea..I need to do that!

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