I’m Here!

I’m still here!  Sorry that I’ve been gone for a bit.  Shan surprised me with a night out of town on Friday and then dinner at our favorite restaurant in Columbus.  He had a nice hotel reserved for us as well.  I loved having a full nights sleep with no 2 year old calling out for me!  I even got to sleep in!  We did some shopping on Saturday with a few gift cards we had from Christmas.  It’s fun to have a mini shopping spree for free!  Our dinner Friday night before was a gift card as well.  It was so nice to get away and to do it inexpensively!  Thank you Jesus!

Sunday afternoon I started to notice that Titus had a lovely cough.  He hadn’t been eating too great and kept saying..”hurt”.  He barely slept on Sunday night and coughed all through the night.  He kept gagging as well which made me worry that something bigger was wrong. I called the doctor on Monday morning and took him in.  He has tonsillitis.  It’s better than strep!   His throat was red and very swollen.  I guess that is why he kept gagging…poor kid!  So, today he’s still not feeling well and he’s grouchy!  I had a sore throat yesterday and today it’s worse.  I have a feeling Titus is sharing with me!  😦 

I am here!  Between Titus being sick and being out of town I’ve been offline a lot!  I hope you all are doing well also!  I haven’t had a lot of time to check my google reader but I will soon!! 

Okay, homeschooling is on the agenda!  I have to get crackin’!


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