Road Trip!

roadtripI just wanted to ask you all to pray for us as we head out on a road trip!  This is a business trip for my husband that we are able to tag along.  I have asked my granny to go along to keep me company and to help with the boys.  I’d love to be able to work out and spend some time with Noah doing fun things.  We will me in Florida not too far from Disney.  We are praying that we can head to Disney.  Our boys have never been and I know they would LOVE it!  I hope we can find discounted tickets!! 

Please pray for traveling safety.  Titus is still coughing alot so I am praying he will heal up fast!  My grandma had foot surgery 2 months ago but, has alot of pain still.  She is heading to the doc before we leave today.  Pray that everything is fine with her foot and that it won’t be a huge hindrance for her.  Remember Shan as well as he works.  This is a huge installation job for him that may take up to two weeks.  I’m sure I’ll be on here some with stories from Florida!  If you have any free or cheap ideas of things to do near Kissimee…let me know!

Thanks for your prayers!


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