Florida Loves Me!

I have no idea where I got that title!  We made it to Florida late Saturday night.  It was a long trip but the boys did great!  Granny was there to keep them busy in the back of the van.  I got to sleep and knit which isn’t normal!  I was doing great until I dropped my ball of yarn and it wrapped around Shan’s leg as he was driving.  He wasn’t so happy! 

We are here.  Shan is busy working.  We are going to try and take a day to go to Universal Studios sometime this week.  Noah is dying to get out and spend the $6 he brought with him.  He tried so hard to buy something in each gas station on the way here!  He seriously cracks me up. 

Pray for safety for Shan as he will be in some high up places working.  Please pray for my back and neck which are really bothering me.  Please also keep my friend Danielle in your prayers as her dad passed away very suddenly.

Thanks friends!  I appreciate you all so much!


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