dr_pepper_can1Last night we had a family dinner out at Chili’s.  We had a good time sitting down together and getting to see Shan.  When we are on these work trips he is very busy the whole time!  Noah had ordered himself some Dr. Pepper with his kid’s meal.  He doesn’t drink pop too often so it’s a big treat.  We were getting ready to leave the restaurant and his wheels were turning.  He started to have a concerned look on his face and then the statement of the day arrived.

“Dad, if you drink too much pop can you get drunk?” 

After we were finished laughing we told him it was fine to drink pop.  He was very concerned that he might be heading straight into sin with another swig of Dr. Pepper.  🙂  I love that kid!  He is a treasure to me in so many ways.  Everything is a teaching moment when you want it to be.  He reminded me again of how sensitive we need to be to the Holy Spirit and the Bible.  I pray I am always on my toes and thinking out each action involved in my life daily.


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