Pool Side with Jesus

I am sitting on the patio at the resort Shan is working at in Florida.  He is working 8am to 8pm..and sometimes longer.  This job is going to take an extra week to finish up because of some equipment is late arriving.  When I was first told we were staying a week longer I wasn’t so thrilled.  I miss my own bed, my house and maybe even our dog(don’t tell Shan or the boys).  I miss some of my friends that I haven’t seen in a month.  I am praying for many whose houses have flooded back in Ohio. I have a friend who is heavy on my heart in the hospital.  My best friend lost her dad suddenly a week ago. I have spend part of my time here wishing I was home.  I have tried to see that this trip is such a HUGE blessing.  We could never afford a nice 3 week trip to Florida on our own.  It’s warm, sunny and beautiful here. 

I took Noah to the pool this morning at 10 am to meet two girls he’d been talking too.  He has been wanting some buddies to swim with.  I had already spent 45 minutes with the Lord in my room before anyone was awake but I decided to take my Beth Moore book, “Breaking Free” and my Bible and journal along.  I am so thankful for two precious hours sitting by the pool to soak in the Lord.  I read one passage after another…I had time to really study.  Awww…that is just what I needed.  I urge you to find time to spend with God.  He is jealous for you.  He longs to have you rest in Him and recharge your soul.  You are the apple of His eye.  You are worth it all to Him.  I pray you will see yourself through His eyes today.  I think He sees us much differently than we see ourselves.

Know He loves you.  Know He longs for you and your time.


2 thoughts on “Pool Side with Jesus

  1. mmm… hanging with jesus at the pool sounds … well … divine! 🙂

    i understand the heart’s tug to be home. i hope you can fully enjoy the rest of your time in florida, though. soak up each moment.

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