imagesGod has been teaching me so much as I’ve gotten to rest in Him on our trip.  I am so thankful for Beth Moore’s book, “Breaking Free”.  On my birthday last week I had plenty of time to spend with the Lord.  I have never sat down and written any goals or thoughts for a birthday year before.  I decided that my 34th year should be different.  I’ve changed so many things in my life this year that I might as well try new challenges as well.  I want to find my satisfaction in Christ alone.  I know this is an impossible goal to truly achieve but I want to have it in the front of my mind each day.  “God wants us to find our satisfaction in Him rather than waste our time and effort on things that cannot satisfy.  But when we look to other sources for satisfaction, we are guilty of idolatry."  This quote is what first grabbed ahold of my heart. 

I think many, many Christians walk around unsatisfied.  This quote by Beth Moore is so true! “Christians can be miserably dissatisfied if they accept Christ’s salvation yet reject the fullness of daily relationship.  God offers us so much more than we usually choose to enjoy.  Dissatisfaction is not a terrible thing.  It’s a God-thing.  It’s only a terrible thing when we don’t let it lead us to Christ.  He wants us to find the only thing that will truly satiate our thirsty and hungry hearts.”  We have to have a daily relationship with Christ! 

I sat and listed out things or people in my life that I tend to set up as an idol.  Anything we put before God as some point is an idol.  After I prayed and listed my items out on paper I took each one and surrendered them to Christ.  I physically took my hands above my head with that item in it(not literally) and held it up to God.  I asked His forgiveness for each of those things one at a time.  It was NOT an easy process.  Is repentance and growing ever easy?  NO!    Here is a little part of my journal entry:

"I want to be content, fulfilled and pleased only by You.  I no longer want to turn to food or a friend  for comfort.  I don’t want to go to the tv when I want to be numbed.  I need to rely on You alone for my help, my strength and to fulfil my heart’s desire."

When I am upset or hurt it is so easy to text or call a friend.  I easily phone my mom when I’m having a bad day.  I used to turn to food for comfort and I still fight that temptation daily.  It’s easy for any mom to place her family  her Lord during the day.

I went ot read Ps. 23 and to see how much I want to be like a sheep.  I truly want God to be my Shepard.  I need Him to lead, protect and provide for me.  How many times have most of us heard Psalm 23?  I know I’ve read it dozens of times and heard it recited in church or at funeral many, many other times.  I’ve sat and rewritten the Psalm to personalize it in the past.  I love how God uses His word to teach us different things depending on what we are going through in our life.  I love that!

This is the verse I am using for this year.  I have had the same life verse for 15  years but this time I am going to change it up!

Psalm 107:9  "For He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness."

What idols do you need to give up?  Hold them up high in the air and release them to God!  He so badly wants you to put Him first.  Ask Him to forgive you for putting anything in front of Him.  He will joyfully forgive you and you will enjoy Your nearness to Him in a fresh way!

What is easy for you to place ahead of God from day to day?


One thought on “Idol

  1. such rich truths.

    john piper said, “God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him.” i so quickly and easily seek out my satisfaction in anything BUT Him… ouch.

    thank you for the gentle nudge.

    [happy belated birthday! hope it was a wonderfully great day!]

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