Sheer Joy!

I wanted to share two picture from Disney.  My grandma has a few hundred on her camera but, these are from my cell phone.  Titus was thrilled to pieces when he saw Pluto! You would think that Mickey, Goofy or Donald would have been a more popular choice but not for Titus.  Titus fell in love with good old Pluto!  This picture is so sweet!  He was in awe.  After his initial shock he ran to him and hugged him.  He kissed Pluto’s nose and rubbed his face.  I wish they’d have had more time together but there was a line of others waiting. 


The other picture is of Noah and I in front of the classic castle.  I love my big boy and he had such a fun time at Disney.  He enjoyed the rides and mainly loved hanging out with his dad.  Shan’s been so busy that he was thrilled to have the whole day with him!


Pray for us as we continue on here in Florida.  Shan is still working hard  here at the resort.  After we leave here in a few days we have a few more stops to make before we head home next week.  I am very proud of my husband and how hard he works.  He has put in a ton of 12 hour days and even a few 14 hour days.  He is exhausted to say the least.  Pray for a safe trip home!


2 thoughts on “Sheer Joy!

  1. I just re-discovered your blog! I didn’t realize you had moved from xanga for good. I love this post and love hearing about Titus’s reaction to Pluto! We’re going to WDW next month, and I sure hope my girls love the characters as much as he did. Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

    • Hi!! I’m so glad you found me! I am sure the girls will LOVE it! I don’t know where all you are going but, we loved the Animal Kingdom as well. It is beautiful! Not tons of animals but, the beauty was worth it to me. We got to meet alot of characters there..way more than at Disney. Use the fast’s free! You’ll see it when you get there. 🙂 Have fun!

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