Rockin’ the Scale!

sugar1I am excited today!  I finally hit my 50 pound goal!!!!  This picture is 50 pounds of sugar…just so you can visually see how much it is.  This picture made me smile today. 🙂  We were gone for a full month in Florida and I did pretty well.  With eating out almost ever day it was hard to keep track of how I was doing calorie wise.  I just ate alot of salad, soup, veggies and fruit.  I held steady..maybe lost a few pounds.  I got home and I have written down every bite!  I have done great and I’m down to my first big goal!  I am praising God today for being my strength.  Only through Him have I lost one pound!  I am so excited about my relationship with Him and how He is showing me something fresh and new each day in His word.  I want every ounce of glory to go to Him for anything small I may do. 

Give Him the praise and glory He deserves today for how much He has done in your life!


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