Dead Quiet

I know….it’s been dead here.  We’ve been busy and I’ve just not taken the time to post!  My lovely laptop died and that is what gave me the freedom to blog while watching the boys.  We have also been traveling alot with Shan lately so we have been on the road!  I think we’ve been home almost as much as we’ve been in another state so far this year. 

We are all doing fine.  I am still battling the pounds with Jesus’ help of course.  It’s been a slow month but, I’m down 5 more pounds.  I’m hoping to have a great May and kick it all into high gear!  I am down a few dress sizes which has been wonderful!  I love 18’s! 

Noah and Titus are doing great.  They are becoming closer than ever which I love.  I think it has to do with sharing a bed at night.  We got them bunk beds but they seem to stick together on the bottom bunk :).  They are both fighting a cold right now which stinks in the summer!  Titus is talking in sentences!!!  My baby is getting so big!  Now if he’ll just use the potty….

Shan is the hardest working guy I know!  We are working hard as a family to pay off debt!  I’ve never seen someone so good at what he does and so dedicated!  On these work trips we barely see him.  He’s usually finished working in the evenings but, this past trip he came in quite a few nights at 2am…5am…etc.  Not good for him but he gets the job done and does it with excellence.

Pray for us.  We are making some big decisions as a family right now.  We are praying for God’s leading in a few areas.  I won’t go into details but, just pray for us if you think about it. 🙂

Well, that is a mini update I guess!  I hope you all are doing fine!! 

I’ll try to blog more often!  Hugs to you all!


2 thoughts on “Dead Quiet

    • Thanks!! I was a size 28 so I am thrilled! 🙂 I need some of your money saving ideas! I know you two are great at saving.

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