My Deliverer..He Rescues Me!

worship2Yesterday was a day none of us at the Griffin house will soon forget!  We started some new rules and ways of doing things in the house.  I knew it would be a tough day.  The boys handled many of our new decisions well and are learning bit by bit how to respect and obey the new rules.  The day was going swimmingly.  Home schooling was moving along at a great pace.  Titus was having a fun time playing with his barn.  We got so much accomplished!  I was a happy mama!  The phone rang…

It was Ruth.  She is my almost 90 year old sweet friend.  I admire her more than I can ever say.  She is the most godly woman I have ever meet or known.  She says, “Jen, I was reading my Bible and a passage about jumped off the page at me.  God told me to call you right then and tell you this passage. ”  She went on to tell me that God has promised me that He is here for me and that He is going to deliver!  The verse: 

2 Corinthians 4: 7-10

” Now we have this treasure in clay jars, so that this extraordinary power may be from God and not from us.  We are pressured in every way but not crushed; we are perplexed but not in despair;  we are persecuted but not abandoned; we are struck down but not destroyed.  We always carry the death of Jesus in our body, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body.”

She specifically mentioned the bold verse above and told that God promises that He is there!    She was beginning to cry as she asked for prayer.  “Jen, I love the Lord so much but I just want to love Him more.”  My heart was broken.  She is nearing 90 years old and reads her Bible faithfully most of the day yet she longs for more love for Jesus. 

As she was talking to me a knock was at my door.  I went to the door and my neighbor boy was standing there.  For 11 months now our neighbor lady and her son have yelled profanity at us.  They have bullied our son.  They have treated us so horribly.  I have blogged about it many times in the  past on Xanga.  As she was sharing this scripture my biggest source of anxiety it at my door!  I opened it and he came in.  (he’s 9)  He says..”I’m really sorry about all the things we’ve done. Can I play outside with Noah? Oh…and my mom says to tell you she’s sorry too.”  He then reached out to shake on it.   I told him thank you for his apology.  He and a few other kids then went outside to play with Noah.  As they did, Titus let out our nutty dog!  I grabbed Titus and put him in the stroller and grabbed the leash.  Noah and the kids all were running after her with my neighbor lady.  She hasn’t been within 50 yards of me for a year!  She was the one who ended up catching our dog blocks away and brought her to me.  I thanked her and she said it was no problem.  I was nervous to say the least. 

The kids played for a half hour…with me watching closely before dinner.  All the neighborhood kids were over.  They were hilarious!  Jaws were dropping as they say this kid at our house!  They were so excited!  They all told me they’d been talking to him about apologizing so everyone could have a good summer! 

I am NOT naive!  My neighbor lady and I still need to have a discussion at some point.  I pray this is God’s way of opening a door.  NO…I know it is!  Pray for me that each word I say would be totally of Him in front of any of my neighbors.  (especially her)  Noah looked like a kid at Christmas time!  He was so excited to have his biggest bully asking to play and to be friends.  Noah is under tight supervision.  NO playing with him alone or at his house.  We have strict rules.  I am just thankful that an end is in sight to all of this stress.  Thank you to all of you who have prayed for us.  Your prayers and ours are being answered! 

My love for Jesus is overflowing at this moment.  To have my precious friend call with the perfect verse as this boy is at my door.  Only God can orchestrate the timing.  He is able.  He is our Defense!  He is our Deliverer!

Keep praying for this family.  I’m sure it’s not all over!  I’m positive it won’t be a perfect relationship but I am thankful that a sign of peace.



6 thoughts on “My Deliverer..He Rescues Me!

  1. That is so awesome!! God is never more real than when He answers prayer!! I pray this summer will be a total 360 from last summer! God is SO GOOD!!

    I’d love to meet your friend Ruth someday!! Well, if not on earth, we’ll party in heaven!!

  2. AWESOME!!!! God is awesome and definately works in mysterious ways. Keep listening to His small still voice and all will be well!! AMEN and THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER FOR ANSWERED PRAYERS!!!!

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