Summer Blessings!

I feel amazingly blessed this year!  I have two of the most wonderful boys ever!  I borrowed my father in laws camera and I’ve enjoyed taking some new pictures of them.  They are growing up way too fast for me!  I love watching them play outside, smell the flowers, work with us on projects around the house.  The added blessing to me is my niece and nephew!  Molly is now 2 years old and Cooper in a little over a month old.  It is so much fun to watch Titus and Molly play and chat with each other.  Titus calls her, “his Molly”.  Cooper is the sweetest little baby boy!!  I was so excited to feed him a bottle and to hold him last night.  I will admit to crying as I watched him eat…such a little miracle!  Here are some pictures of my two boys and my brother Jon’s kiddos. 

Thanking God today for His blessings in my life through these four little kids!


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