Too Much!

I love my boys so much!!  I had a great Mother’s Day with them that I will post pictures from soon!  Titus has been sick on and off for weeks!  He has had a fever of 102-103 for two days.  Today he seems to be getting better.  He’s down to 100 and wants to play more!  When he is sick he wants ONE THING…MOMMY!  I love it but, I also see the work piling up and I ago a bit crazy!!  If I try and get up to do anything he cries.  Bless his heart!  He finally let daddy give him a bath last night which gave me a little break.

I put him down for his nap today and he said, “mommy, I love you too much.”  My heart melted.  He is so precious!  Here is pictured of him from Sunday!  I am thankful for my sweet baby today!  Pray he continues to feel better!

DSCN0226 (2)


One thought on “Too Much!

  1. Jennifer,
    Thanks for posting on the CHEO blog! Feel free to post a CHEO button on your site.

    I look forward to reading about your family and hope you stop by my little blog as well. I was blessed especially reading your neighbor story. God is good!

    See you at CHEO!

    Chardon, OH
    CHEO Associate Board Member

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