Mini Update

I’m still here!  So many things have been going on that I have failed to blog as I like too.  Shan and I had a wonderful weekend at CHEO.  It’s a yearly event in Ohio for Christian homeschoolers.  We leave each year feeling refreshed and knowing more than ever that God has called us to homeschool our kids.  This year we attended an extra day and took Noah along.  He enjoyed spending the day with us and learning about family discipleship.

God is doing so much in our lives.  We are continually seeking Him on a daily basis for guidance.  We know He is leading us and changing our hearts.  It is painful!!  I’ll be the first one to admit that growing in my walk with God hurts!  He often asks me to take things out of my life or add in new things that I wasn’t quite ready for.  He is always there to hold my hand and help me through. 

The boys are doing great!  Noah is about finished with his 2nd grade year at home.  His reading skills have really come a long way this year.  We purchased all of his curriculum for 3rd grade at CHEO and I’m ready to go!  Noah, however, would like a two month break.  I think that is in order.  We’ll keep reading all summer and Bible is an everyday must.  I love teaching the boys that God’s word is a priority each day of their lives.

Titus…well, he’s something.  He’s full of funny faces.  He is also talking up a storm in full sentences.   He likes to say, “never-mind” and “awesome”.  He is always a cowboy!  His potty training is going great with very few accidents during the day.  I love to see him in his cowboy hat with a tshirt on and just his boots.  No naked pictures on the blog but he’s so much fun. 

I hope this catches some of you up!  I’ll post a few pictures of Father’s day and a day at our local train depot.  I hope you are having a wonderful summer! 


One thought on “Mini Update

  1. They are so cute! I love the pictures of the boys holding hands. Noah is such a great big brother. God bless you all!

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