Camping…Oh My!

creekwatchingboysWe are heading out today to go camping with the boys.  I will be the first one to admit that camping is NOT my thing.  I’d prefer a hotel with lovely amenities…or even my own bed!  God has blessed us with two crazy boys!  They love to hike, get dirty and explore.  I am praying that God will give me that same love…even just a touch of it!  I know that watching the boys will be a joy.  I’m hoping that seeing camping through their eyes will help me to enjoy myself more than I expect too. 

Do you like camping?  Any wild camping stories?  I pray none of them contain a raccoon!!!  They frighten me!


3 thoughts on “Camping…Oh My!

  1. well, we use to go camping in our camper…a little more cumfy than a tent, but still not a hotel. One year when we went camping, something was majorly wrong with our camper. Everytime anyone would touch anything metal on the camper, you would an electric shock. well, everything on the trailer was made of metal..haha. even the steps to get into the thing. so that was crazy in and of itself. but on this trip of such an electrical caliber…it decided to rain the whole time too…just to amplify the shock that we would recieve. I remember forgetting about the whole touching metal thing and i stepped on the steps in my wet bare feet…. stupid…stupid. it wasn’t comfortable. That was a wierd camping trip…we’ve never had that electrical problem since, but it makes for some fun…shocking memories. I hope your trip goes well! I LOVE camping…just keep in mind that everything you see…our God made. There is beauty in everything.

  2. Jen, you are so funny!!
    I’ll give you a short story of a camping trip we took to an ALIVE festival…with the Bradshaw, Whitehead and August families. We planned for everything! Except for – rain!!! And it rained and rained and rained!! No umbrellas, rain coats, boots (for all the mud), NOTHING!!!
    I remember standing on the “road” in front of our little compound, on the verge of tears, praying, please God don’t let me lose my Christianity here…not in front of these people! They all seemed to be handling it well and I didn’t want to appear any different! The rain finally cleared, some of our stuff dried out enough to use again, we went to the laundromat, heard some tremendous music and all in all had a wonderful time!
    You will have a great time! and if nothing else, you’ll come back with great stories and the boys will have wonderful memories of this trip! ENJOY!!!

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