Preach It!

God’s word is never out of date.  That truth is so refreshing to me.  I crack open the Bible and I am never ever disappointed.  God always has something new to teach me.  Some lessons aren’t so easy.  Recently I came across Philippians 2:14.  I’ve read it many times in other translations but, not in my new ESV Bible.  I love the way it is translated and it’s just what I needed…as well as my kids!

Phil. 2:14 ” Do ALL things without grumbling or questioning.”

I found this verse in NIV at Hobby Lobby on a tin sign.  I mounted it above my sink.  The dishes are my source of grumbling.   I can now stare at this verse and keep repeating it as I wash and dry.  I wrote out this verse in the ESV version and put it  on the fridge.  I repeat it to the boys throughout the day when they grumble or ask WHY a bunch of times. 

What verse is God using in your life?  Write it out…post it where you can see it all day long!  God’s word is truth.  Let it lead you and make You become more like Him. 

I hope I soon can wash the dishes with a smile!



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