In the Valley

It’s been a good week for me.  I’ve gotten to spend  a lot of time reading my Bible and reading some books.  I have enjoyed that time of solace.  I used to always want noise and things going on around me when I was younger…I think it was fear.  Now, with two kids and a great man at my side I don’t have those fears pricking my heart.  I am learning to enjoy times of quiet where I can hear God so clearly.  I spent two hours sewing last night and deeply savored each minute!  Christmas projects are underway! 

We are going through some rough patches…a valley if you will.  I can feel God so strongly in this battle with us that I am not the least bit afraid.  If you are in a valley, I urge you to turn to Him.  Let me guide You through each path, each rocky terrain.  It’s so much easier when you are not facing it alone.  A hand to help you up when you stumble is always helpful.  I thank God for these trials knowing that He is giving us endurance, patience and teaching us lessons we would not have learned any other way. 

Being in the valley is where deep faith can take root.   I guess that is my main thought for today.

How can I pray for you?  You don’t have to face your valley alone.


4 thoughts on “In the Valley

  1. Hey, friend. If you can be on a mountaintop and in a valley at the same time, we’re there! Our financial situation stinks, and while I would love for God to just deliver us all at once, I know He has so much to teach us. Pray we can hang on–and not take our frustration out on each other.

    Thank you!!

    • I would love to pray for you in this. I’ve prayed for you all this past year many times on your journey…I’m sure this is a whole new ball game! I know all about stinky finances! Hugs to you…I love how you all are shining Your light so bright!

  2. I would love it if you could pray for a few things for my family: My husband is waiting on a possible job change (for the better!). He has also decided to tackle his diabetes, which he has been ignoring for the past three years. Pray that he would not get discouraged and that he would see this through. Also, if you could pray for me that I would enjoy this time I have with my young children and not get caught up in the “can’t be bothereds”.

    Thanks, Jen!

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