Book Review and Giveaway! “Fearless” By Max Lucado

WINNER!!!  Titus drew a name out of the hat this  morning!  AIDEY!

If you enjoy Max’s style you may love this book!  The subtitle of “Fearless” is “Imagine Living a Life Without Fear”.  Mr. Lucado gives many real life examples of people living with fear.  He used Bible characters and current stories to relay his message.  I know you’ll be able to relate with this book if you are alive and kicking!  I’m sure all of us deal with fear in one form or another.

When I first became an avid reader I was 18 years old.  The first author I became interested in was Max Lucado.  I have many of his books on my book shelves.  I will have to admit that this was not my favorite by far.  I know my tastes have changed a lot over the years.  Fear is a very real issue in my life and to deal with it you need to do a lot of Bible reading, study and prayer.  I will say Mr. Lucado mentions prayer as being a huge tool to fight fear in the book.  I wanted more than stories.  I wanted steps, answers, study, verses.  If you love Max, you’ll love it!  He is undoubtedly a gifted author.

Here are a few links where you can read more or purchase the book!

Thomas Nelson

The Fearless Times

Make a comment and I’ll enter your name in a drawing to win this book!!  I’ll have the boys draw a name on Thursday morning!


13 thoughts on “Book Review and Giveaway! “Fearless” By Max Lucado

  1. i’ve always loved max’s writing style. his short sentences. and simple thoughts. 🙂

    i have more fear than i ever realized or have been willing to acknowledge. i thought that since it wasn’t obvious or external fear, it was different. but my subtle/internal fears — of rejection, or not being enough, or driving someone away — are just as paralyzing.

    while i know it’s not max’s style to provide steps or formulas, and while i wish it were that easy, i do look forward to reading what he has to say about conquering fear.

  2. I like his books and haven’t read a new one in a while. So, I figured I would drop in and try to win one! lol How are y’all? Hope all is well.

  3. I would give this book to my Mother after I read it because she has shared with me that she is constantly dealing with fear ever since my Dads’ bad van/truck accident . God is not the author of fear so we know who that leaves as to who is.

  4. I also have loved Max in the past and yet haven’t read anything from him for many years. Fear has been my unwelcome companion on far too many days of this journey we call life and is the root of many other problems that I deal with on a regular basis. This is one book I’ve been contemplating buying- always looking for a good read that “hits close to home”. I’d love some new ideas about how to dump this weight of fear from around my neck and trust the Father more. I don’t want to just “imagine living a life without fear”- I want to DO it!!

    Romans 8:15- For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.”

  5. Great blog!!!!! I will def have to get the book and read it no matter what! Hey girl I need you to do something for me… me I really need to talk to you. Love ya lots

  6. Hey Jen! Pick me! :o) I would love to read this book, I have heard so much about it. When there is so much uncertianty and fear today, it’s nice to know that we have Someone who is above it all! I love you and hope you have a good week :o)

  7. Every one of Max’s books that I have read, I really enjoy! They are easy to read and can relate them to my own life. I look forward to reading his new book “Fearless,” in the future…..

  8. pick me, pick me, I’ve never read his books, I’ve bought plenty of them for you at Christmas. Don’t we all deal with fear, one way or another. See you in a few, xoxo Ma

  9. Hey, I guess it doesn’t hurt to sign up, huh?! LOL. I’ve been eyeing this title for a few weeks now. Sounds like where I SO want to be… on a more consistant basis.

  10. I have to admit I have never read one of Max’s books honestly I haven’t been able to read much since starting the business. I have heard a lot about him on WBCL and would love to give one of his books a shot. I am actually a big fan of Becky Freeman books. Have you ever read any of her books, she has some really short life lessons for the person on the run.

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