One of my favorite things about traveling is watching the country landscape change as we drive.  From flat green pastures to soft rolling hills.  On this past trip I loved seeing the mountains in Wyoming!  The beauty captured my heart.  I just sat and watched out the window of our van in awe of God’s handy work!   The most creative person in the world does not come close to touching the creative ability of God.  My mind is blown when I even try to think of Who God truly is and what all He can do.

God’s love is shown to us daily in such tangible ways.  The budding rose, the  swaying trees, the towering mountains, the crystal snow flake, the brilliant sunset.   He is lovingly painting a new sunrise each morning just to show us He is a romantic at heart!  He makes each snow flake unique just to show us His power!  He creates and forms a tiny baby just to let us know how much we need Him.

I stand in awe of  You today God.

What takes your breath away?   What aspect of creation makes you weak at the knees with adoration for God?


5 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Your pictures are beautiful!! We’re now thinking of driving to New Mexico next year instead of flying… I don’t look forward to the drive, but DO look forward to to His Creation!! We were at the zoo last week, which is always a reminder of God’s handiwork, and his sense of humor!!

    • I agree! Animals always make me laugh. There are so many many species…etc. It’s a great place to be reminded of His creativity and sense of humor. 😉 Poor Adam…naming all of those.

      I’m sure the drive will be awesome!!! It’s beautiful there. I bet the kids will do great!

  2. Wow, that was amazing. Those pictures are gorgeous. I *loved* that you said God is a romantic at heart. I am so blecky feeling toward that word because it usually makes me think about a guy who wants to get something he shouldn’t probably have, and thinks that buying flowers will get him half-way there and a gushy movie or expensive dinner will get him the other half. But that’s not what true romance is; and what you described WAS EXACTLY what true romance is. God, loving us, forcing nothing in return, but doing his best to show his love and open the door to as close a relationship as we wish to have. That’s awesome. Thanks for the beauty and for the challenge there, Jennifer! -Janella

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