My baby….

Noah James Griffin is nine years old today.  I cannot believe it!  It honestly seems like yesterday that I was pregnant with him.  Shan and I were so excited to be having a little boy!!  He was such a joy as a little baby.  He could talk and talk.(he still does)  He could say 50 words when he turned ONE!  No kidding!!!  He’s never stopped talking since then!

When I look back over these past 9 years I see how God has protected Noah over and over.  He was born 5 weeks early and became very sick with jaundice.  They doctors told us he would be deaf and mentally handicapt.  He is far from either.  God healed his little body.  He fell down a flight of stairs(off the side) and landed on his head!  He was only two years old.  He told us the next day, “Angels catched me when I fall.”  We had not talked about angels with him so we were again amazed at God’s hand in his life.  At six years old he swallowed a rock!  Crazy, I know.  Through weeks of waiting and a sceduled surgery to remove it God was at work.  The rock had disappeared…after being in his tummy for two weeks.  He ran out of the OR and into the waiting room yelling, “Whoohoo!  God took my rock away!”

God has HUGE plans for Noah.  I have no idea what they are but I do know they are good.  We have our ups and downs but I know God is at work.

Thank you God for 9 crazy, roller-coaster-like years with Noah James!!!  DSCN1725 (2)


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