Alece and Surreneder

I have an online friend, Alece.  She has a wonderful blog, Grit and Glory.  I know she and I differ in some areas but, she challenges me.  Confession:  Sometimes when I see a blog she’s written in my blog reader…I don’t read it for a bit.  It’s sad I know.  I’d rather hold one to some sin that God wants me to deal with, than to read and be convicted.  Here is a quote from a recent post on Grit.

“I’ve been denying myself to follow others. To simply be seen, rather than invisible. To receive love. To avoid rejection.  And in doing so, I handed the reins of my life over to everyone around me. I surrendered the control of my life to others.”

I keep going back and reading this post.  I could’ve written it myself.  This is me.  I don’t often admit it but, it’s me.  All I want is a surrendered life to Christ and it seems to escape me.  I am a living sacrifice as God’s child.  I just seem to keep moving off the alter!

How do you give it all to Christ?  What steps do you take to surrender each day to Him?

Check out Alece’s blog.



5 thoughts on “Alece and Surreneder

  1. Ah yes. Gettin’ down to the nitty gritty… Do you do what you do for those around you? or for Jesus? An ongoing thing to evaluate. I’ll have to check out her blog. I think I may have come across it before, but I’ll stop back there 🙂

    How do I surrender. Moment by moment. I can’t say day by day, because there’s days I have a rockin’ devotion time in the morning, but blow it by 10am. Thank God His mercies are new every morning (and noon, and night).

  2. surrender remains so challenging for me. because i know that it’s more than a moment in prayer or a heartfelt desire/request. i don’t want to just surrender. i want to live surrendered. i’m not there yet. but my hope is that i lived today more fully surrendered than i did yesterday.

    (love you!)

  3. Jennifer,
    I found you from Alece’s blog….

    As I am learning to receive love from the One who is love… just receive it, don’t do anything to earn it…. I am finding that place of surrender. For this love, this unearthing love…. leaves me wanting to melt into the embrace of the One who loves me perfectly. Somewhere along the way I stopped focusing on surrender and melted into Him.

    I’ve loved my visit here today. It’s great to meet you. I’d love to have you stop by my blog for a visit. I love meeting new people.

    Merry Christmas,

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