What is it you are passionate about?

Passion(n.)- a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything.

There are so many things to be passionate about!  I am passionate about my family, which is a given.  I am passionate about my love for Jesus.  I have other passions that I sometimes don’t have time for but, I do love them!




These are three of my passions.  I hope to someday have more time to spend learning, growing and developing in these areas.

I put a video on with this post so you can hear one of my passions.  This is my friend Erica and I practicing for a wedding.  My kids are there…so the look you’s at them!  I guess it gives character to the video!

What is your passion?


7 thoughts on “Passion

  1. The video is so good…..your voice is beautiful! My passion…Christ first in foremost…my family…my ministry….photography, decorating, and crafting:) I put those last three together because they are things I have little time for! I wish I had a passion for working out, but that right now is just not high on my list!

  2. oh my goodness – how did i not know you sing!? you have such a beautiful voice! i loved getting to see and hear you. wow…

    my passions?


    • Thanks Alece! I’ve never posted any videos of myself before….and my friend is the one who knows how. I’m sure it won’t happen to often! 🙂 I love your passions!!

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