What Calms You?

When I am having a rough day there are a few things that help me relax.  One of those things in sewing!  I also love crafty things like making cards, knitting, painting.  I am thankful that God gave me the desire and some ability to be creative.  I have a long ways to go but, I LOVE to learn hands on.

When I was a little girl I used to watch my mama paint, build crafts, wreaths and many other things.  I used to roll my eyes or wonder why she enjoyed it so much.  The older I’ve gotten the more I see why!!  I’m sure there were many nights when she worked diligently to stay sane!!

Today I sat and cut out patterns for a purse.  No tv.  No music.  Just me, scissors, fabric and my machine.  It calms me.

I know that Jesus is our ultimate Comforter.  I am wondering about other secondary  things that help you!

So, what calms you…keeps you sane?


12 thoughts on “What Calms You?

  1. Mmmmm……fabric……sewing….other textiles………and then there is shopping for fabric and new patterns……We have to have the fabric road trip SOON!
    And I get the “not getting it when you were a kid”. My Mom was the same way. Sewing all of the time, knitting, etc….. they were definitely skills I had NO desire to learn how to do.
    Now I love the process and sharing the end product with those I love. So what bag did you make? I have a great new one from Melly and Me. The Sherbet purse. Cute.

    • I just make it up as I go. That’s how I’ve done them all since the first you helped me with. I need to get the pattern for the purse you made me though. It’s my favorite style so far! I’m all for road trips!!!

  2. No better way to get out anxiety/anger/frustration than a good hard workout at the gym. I don’t love the process, but I love that during the workout I can’t really think about what’s bothering me, and afterward, some of that pent-up energy is gone.

  3. I love to just relax in front of the old tv and watch a good show or movie. But one of my Favorite things to do is cook. I could watch Food Network all day! I get so many ideas and so much inspiration to try new recipes. Just like you watched your mom do crafty thing and rolled your eyes, I spent my childhood watching my mom cook (for a living) and not having much interest in it. Now it’s a passion we both share. Not only is it calming, but hopefully, it has a yummy outcome 🙂

    • That’s a great pass time Torrie!! I wish I could cook better! I am really going to make an effort this year to learn new dishes. I feel like I cook the same things over and over!

  4. Reading and music are about the only things guaranteed to calm me. Although, sometimes a good rant (even if God is the only one listening, which is usually the case) does too. Of course, I sometimes write the rant down too, painful hurting hand and all. LOL.

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