Shame on Me

I’ve warned everyone that my blog was headed for changes…so don’t be surprised by anything I say!  I have come to realize that one of the most ugly sins to deal with is selfishness.  I’m sure each of us has had to deal with it in our kids…daily!!  It sneaks in our lives and hearts in ways we don’t notice. Pouting, arguing, bad attitudes, hurt feelings and even bitterness!  Selfishness also has relatives…family!!  It’s never alone.  Pride is it’s big brother.  Anger it’s cousin…you get my point!

I let the sin of selfishness dig in deep and start to ruin relationships in my life.  I ignored it being there and went on my merry way.  It’s not me having an issue it’s my kids…my husband…my family!  I let this sin take over my desires and wants!  I wanted to sing!  I wanted to do what I wanted to do.  Boo-hoo!  When I continued to not get my way…I shut down.  I became depressed, distant, angry and hateful.  Shame on me!

God was ignored.  I did that.

I let sin build up until I couldn’t see past ME! ME! ME!

God, led me to the cross, forgave me for my nasty ways and covered me in love.  I am ashamed to have let my walk with the Lord go that far to the side but, it happens.  I’d venture to say I’m not alone!  In my selfishness I neglected my ministry to my family.  I wanted “other” ministries to be my “thing” but, God sees that differently when He places kids in your life!  (This subject will be blogged soon!)

Right now I want anyone who does read this to take some time to look into your own heart.  How’s it looking?  Is your heart full of cobwebs and untouched places?  Have you ignored your responsibility to seek out your sin and ask God to forgive?  I did!

So, Shame on me but, God forgives!  Share you thoughts!  How can I pray for you?


One thought on “Shame on Me

  1. Oh, Thank God for His grace. He’ll leave us to ourselves (selfishness, pride… whatever sin we are embracing at the time) only to be right there waiting when He draws us back. So thankful for His forgiveness and love.

    We are finishing up a bible study by Nancy Leigh DeMoss called “Seeking Him”. It has been the most powerful and introspective study I have done- and caused me to look some subtle sin in my life SQUARE IN THE FACE! It hasn’t been pretty, but hopefully I’m just a little more like Christ than I was 10 weeks ago.

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