In Tune

This is has been quite a week at the Griffin Homestead.  I’d say farm, since we technically live on a farm but, we do not do the farming.  A local farmer has about 245 acres he is farming and 4 acres of the land we live on is his to work.  On one side of the house he has winter wheat.  The other two sides will be corn.  So, homestead will have to work for now.

The call to motherhood has been a struggle at times when my heart was out of tune with God.  This past month after surrendering to Christ and giving Him my dreams, I am in love with being home.  I’ve always loved being at home with my boys but, now…I feel a deeper purpose.  During the day as we do our school work and play I am always amazed!  I cannot imagine missing out on the quotes, saying and thoughts that come out of my boys hearts and minds.   This week, Titus has been in full gear and making me double over in laughter!

“Mom!  Look!  I drew a crown in the dirt!!  It’s in Spanish!”

“When I grow up I am going to be a pop-tart man.  I am going to have a truck and drive it around giving pop-tarts to everyone!” (I say..he’s feeding the hungry!)

Noah was trying to get out of doing some harder multiplication the other day and told me.  “Mom, I really don’t need to learn this math.  All I really need to know is how to shoot a gun.”

My week has been long because Shan was out of town.  A two day trip has turned into four.  If my heart was not re-adjusted I would’ve been a mess!  I am thankful for this time together with my boys.  We have laughed, learned and loved each other.  There have been moments of insanity but, they were few and far between.

How’s your heart?  Is it in tune with what God has for you in your home?  Are you ready each day to  minister to your husband and kids the way you would if Jesus was the one that needed ministered too?


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