I Heart Books!

I love books.  I really do.  I love the look of them and especially the smell of a new book.  Deep sniff.  I also have a slight addiction to notebooks as well.  Wow, I admitted it!  I wasn’t always so in love with books.  When I graduated from high school I hardly remember cracking a book!!  I only remember one book that we had to read my Junior year, The Great Gatsby.  It makes me sad that I did not enjoy reading nor, did many teachers encourage great literature in class.  My view of “great literature” now is a far cry from what I would’ve said 10 year ago!

My son, Noah has a huge appetite for books.  Ever since he learned to read well, he has been unstoppable.  I’ve seen him up in trees on our farm…reading.(picture above)  He will plow through a book in a day.  Many nights we have to remove a book from his clutches as he lays in bed.  I love it!  He has discovered “The Boxcar Kids”, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, “Little House” books, westerns…I can’t keep up.  His favorite series by far has been “The Kingdom Series” by Chuck Black.  I would highly recommend checking them out if you have a son.  His eyes have been opened to the world of reading.

A warning….many, many “kids” books are NOT great reading.  I am very disappointed each time I head to the library with him to check out books.  Time after time I will be told that the book is great for kids his age but, it’s full of swear words, inappropriate relationships or witchcraft.  My mind is blown!  Please, please beware of the books your kids are reading.  Read them first, research them. Find trusted, godly friends and see what their kid’s are reading.  Fill your kid’s mind’s with God’s truth.  If they are old enough to read any book they can also read their own Bible.

This is just something God has placed on my heart.  Guard your kid’s hearts in what they read.  It’s “popular” to mention television and internet when it comes to guarding kids but, books are often forgotten.  I might add that your own heart is also at risk when picking up a book.  I will touch on this subject at a later time.

Have you read a great book lately?  Have your kids read a book they loved?  Fill me in!


3 thoughts on “I Heart Books!

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Our son, Logan, LOVES books. we read to him as an infant and he just has a hunger to read. In fact, ask him where he wants to go…Toys R Us or Borders! Cracks me up that he puts the two in the same category :). Anyway, his favorite are any Star Wars books (he’s 8). But I have 2 favorites for him…His children’s Bible (The Jesus Storybook Bible). It’s the best children’s Bible I’ve found. It not only has some less common stories; but, it also ties each story back to how God has been preparing the world for His son’s birth, “rescue”, or return. I’ve learned from our nightly readings too. Second, I love “Guess How Much I Love You.” It’s one of my favorites to read to my kids.
    I guess he’s gotten his love of reading honestly, as I always have at least one book going. Currently, I’m reading “Bringing Up Boys” by Dr. Dobson. Hoping it will help me understand these amazing, mischevious wonders we call “sons” 🙂
    Thanks for posting. Happy Reading!!
    Torrie Sorge (Newfer)

    • Thanks Torrie! I have both of those books you mentioned for your son. 🙂 My little guy loves “Guess How Much I Love You.” It makes me cry. There is a book called “Raising a Modern Day Night” by Robert Lewis that is great and “The Squire and the Scroll”. They’d be a great read for your son and the last one to your kiddo. Thanks for posting!

  2. We so love books. Lately we have been getting rid of a lot of books that we don’t agree with, so we are now filling our shelves with new things . . . it has been so fun to watch Him reform our lives and teach us AMAZING new things!!! So, fun to find other people that love books too :).

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