I am Gomer.

On July 10th, I was attending a wedding.  I love weddings but, this one was special.  My brother, Nate was the groom.  Each of my siblings weddings were very special to me.  To watch Noel come through those doors on her daddy’s arm was amazing.  What I enjoyed most was watching my brother’s face when he saw her.  He was overjoyed, excited and deeply in love.

I think of Jesus.  I think of Him waiting for His bride.  Their wedding was truly an example of their love but, even more….their love for God.  They loved Him and each other so much that they did things the right way.  One of my favorite things that my brother said in their vows was, “I promise that divorce is never an option.”  I think these words are pretty close to what he said.  I cried.  I have been studying  Hosea.  I know there are ties between the story of Gomer and Hosea and the Isrealites with God.  I am riveted by both sides of the story.  Gomer cheated in the worst way.  She left her family and went to sleep with other men.  I’m not sure how  much time passed before God spoke to Hosea but, He did.  He told him to go get Gomer and bring her back.  I am assuming she was a slave for someone…a prostitute in modern terms.  He went and bought his wife for a little bit of nothing.  In my heart I see him picking her up and carrying her off.  I see him showing her Christ’s love and forgiveness.  I see him saying, “divorce is never an option.”

Are you Gomer or Hosea?  Have you forgiven someone for unthinkable sin?  Has your heart been mistreated and broken.  I urge you to see things like Hosea did.  Be patient,forgiving and seek out God.  If your “Gomer” is willing, take them back.

I believe all of us are “Gomer”.  We each have sinned against a loving, forgiving Groom.  Like Hosea, God is always willing to forgive.  He payed not a small price to win you…but a great price.

I am humbled to be a Gomer who is loved by God.


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