You Been Farmin’ Long?

I enjoy living in the country!  We’ve been in our house since February and I love it more each day.  The boys have learned so much from living on the farm.  No, we aren’t a full fledged farm but, there is still a lot to do!  A farmer rents the barn on the property so the boys have gotten to know him.  They have followed him around as he gets his equipment out and asked a lot of questions.   This year the field on one side of our house had beautiful wheat.  The boys were riveted as they watched them harvest the wheat.

Yes, Titus is always goofy during pictures.  Notice his awesome outfit as well…Razorbacks and boots!

I love this shot!  He was chewing on wheat all day making “wheat gum”.

What a great teaching opportunity it became to explain the wheat and the chaff passage in the Bible!

One more shot of my silly kiddo!!  After the wheat was down, the boys made hay beds to lay in in the yard.  I just love watching them play and imagine!

I encourage you to look around at your everyday life and to find ways to teach the Bible to your kids.  I know that every day is not a day when something big happens but, teaching moments can be found anywhere!  Grab some mustard seeds from the store and teach them on faith.  Nature is full of examples of God’s love and creativity.  Be creative!

I’d love to hear what some of you have done to teach the Bible in a way that brings it to life for your kids.


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