The Ugly Truth…

Today has been one for the record books!   The boys aren’t getting ALL!  I am still not feeling well.  The laundry is staring at me.  The dishes are in a heap.  Homeschooling has been neglected.  I haven’t felt well for 6 days now.  I’m not sure why but, I’m hoping the doctor will give me some answers today.  Shan is a wonderful help around the house.  I appreciate every effort that he puts forth after he’s worked a LONG day in the office.  But, there are still chores that I usually do that have been kicked to the curb the past six days.

My lovely friend Genie at The Blazi Gang was just focusing some of her blogging time on social networking.  How so many put out that picture perfect life on their blog or website.  Very true!  You can often look at others on the web and think, “man, I wish I was like…fill in the blank.”  I do love social networking so that I can stay in touch with family and friends.  I am often challenged spiritually by the blogs that I read.  I know that God has used many a typed word to grab my attention and to show me where sanctification needs to come in my life.

My point is that we have to remember(mainly me) that my example is Christ Jesus.  I cannot try and be like an author, singer, speaker, blogger, FB star or missionary.  I must strive to be like Jesus.  I do love all of these people I listed..some real life friends and others on the web.  If I compare myself to others they will let me down at some point or I will be frustrated with myself.(most likely the second)  God made me..well..ME!  I am full of flaws, scared imperfections and I have a lot of growing to do!

So, I just want to state that…I often wear pj’s all day.  My kids often are running in their undies until I force them into clothes(they hate being dressed) and you will never see me with make-up on unless I am going someplace.  There.  Now you know.

Look up…not out.  Look up…not around.  Look IN the Bible.  God is there and full of instructions that will only make you a better YOU all because you are trying to be more like Him!

Thanks Genie!  You made my wheels turn. 🙂

Does anyone else struggle with this issue?  How do you focus on Him when  you look up to others?  Do you ever paint a perfect picture on the web that doesn’t exist?  Honesty is refreshing in the blog world….it really is!  The truth can be ugly but, we are all growing and learning.  I learn more often from someone being honest with their struggles than from a picture perfect life. (except for Jesus’)


4 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth…

  1. I am sitting here in my jammies. Unshowered. I even went to the store like jammies are sweats. We did homeschool. But we ate PW’s cinnamon rolls for lunch. Yes we did. Ick. Yum. But Ick. My three year old cut my one year old’s hair. Right in the front-where it can’t be hidden. I was standing right there and still didn’t see it. My laundry is still in the basket. Dinner is in the crockpot but I am pulling my hair out trying to plan the next week’s menu. My one year old got into the baby lotion and rubbed it all over his head and carpet. And then the stinker did it again with my hand lotion. He smells great. Which is good because I AIN’T bathing him again. SO there you have it. Truth. My truth. ANd I am trying to tell myself SO WHAT? I don’t have to be doing it all well every day do I?
    ANd I am wondering if your diet switch is causing you to detox and feel awful. Hang in there. Your body is undergoing MAJOR changes.

  2. I am so with you, girl! I love PJs all day and no makeup. And I’m with you on laundry, dishes, clothes, etc. My 16 wk old is fussing his head off during his nap, my 4 year old isn’t taking a nap, and I’m supposed to be working right now. But, thank you for your post!

  3. Thanks Jen:)! I am so with you on the pj’s…the no makeup unless in public(isn’t that better for our skin anyways?)…the laundry…oh the list goes on. Thank you for bringing it back to Christ. That should be our purpose in ALL that we do. Facebook…blogging…twitter…LIFE. When I started my blog it was merely to keep our family connected. It slowly grew into a tool to share Christ and I am ever so grateful for. Thankful for your honesty today…for your transparency. God bless you my friend…ten times over!! Love ya!

  4. Authenticity is refreshing – thanks for being authentic – the beauty of Christ shines forth when we open up about who we really are apart from Him . . . nothing but dust. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty of being authentic. 🙂

    I have to admit, I do my hair and makeup each day – I do it so when my husband arrives home, he sees a ray of sunshine after his long day – I do love showing him I want to keep myself up for Him – still working to keep the flames burnin’ hot in this marriage 🙂 And I do it so my kiddos see me lovin’ gettin’ ready for daddy even after all these years (20 years) – I so desire to role model that our marriage is alive and kickin’ – so it is hard for me to stay in my PJ’s too long – now sometimes I do end up staying in bed too long in the morning 🙂 – but PJ’s just are not cute on this ole body of mine for too long – I have to jump in the shower and get cleaned up right away. My man is comin’ home :).

    Well, Jen you always make me smile – you can get me to crack a smile pretty easily – thank you for reminding me to look up and not around – such a great reminder – too often I can compare myself to others. Keeping my eyes on Him, is so much better.

    You are loved –


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